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Hello there! I'm Christine Koehler, a 34-year-old fashion blogger calling the vibrant city of Wilmington, DE, my home. Being part of the fast-paced world of, I weave stories of style, glamour, and art daily. A TCU alumna with a knack for the perfect ensemble, I inevitably ended up as a signpost in the sartorial landscape. Off-duty, my life script changes colorfully. Rugged hiking trails and painter's palettes replaced my serenity pursuit. Yes, I juggle chiffons and challenges, chiffons from my fashion shows and challenging gradients while hiking! Outside the ever-buzzing fashion sphere, I seek serenity in nature or create my own stories on canvas. Swept away by the invigorating allure of hiking trails, whether in the lush forests of my hometown or on adrenaline-driving mountainous terrains. I sweetly surrender to nature's symphony. When not exploring the wild, I yield to my artistic instincts, playing with colors and textures to create artworks that echo my sentiments. Family, to me, isn't just an important thing. It's everything. Amid my tight schedules, I make room for picnic baskets and board games. There's something delightful about weekend family outings, picnics at the local park, or an impromptu game night. This unscripted family time, the fun, laughter, and shared memories, oh! They are my real stressbusters, indeed. Undoubtedly, the balance of my electrifying career, therapeutic hobbies, and cherishing family moments shape the woman I am. Welcome to my vibrant and fulfilling world, from the glamourous fashion ramp to serene hiking expenses and my cherished family nest.

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